HOXA4 Antibody

Catalog number:PA1603
Name:HOXA4 Antibody
Size:0,1 mg
Target antigen:HOXA4
Clonality:Polyclonal antibody
Clone:Polyclonal antibody
Raised in:rabbit
Type of the antibody:IgG polyclonal antibody
Product form:freeze-dried
Reacts with species::human
Immunogen:A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence at the N-terminus of human HOXA4(9-26aa NSNYIEPKFPPFEEYAQH), different from the related mouse sequence by two amino acids.
Product configuration:Each vial contains 5mg BSA, 0.9mg NaCl, 0.2mg Na2HPO4, 0.05mg Thimerosal, 0.05mg NaN3.
Purification:Immunogen affinity purified.
Solubilization:The powdered antibody should be dissolved in 0.2 ml of distilled water to achieve final concentration of 500ug/ml
Storage condtions:Keep the HOXA4 Antibodyat minus twenty degrees Celsius for 1 year. The ready-to-use solutions can be stored at four degrees Celsius for a month. Our specialsits recommend to freeze the aliquotes at minus twenty degrees Celsius for long-term application. Multiple procedures of freezing and thawing influence the specifity and reactivity of the antibody in a negative way.
Tips:The HOXA4 Antibody did not cross-reacted with other proteins during the test procedures. This antobdy is intended to be used for research analyses and it is not applicale for in vitro diagnostics.
Background:HOXA4(HOMEOBOX A4), also known as HOX1D or HOMOLOG OF, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the HOXA4 gene, which is also part of the A cluster on chromosome 7. HOXA4 encodes a DNA-binding transcription factor which may regulate gene expression, morphogenesis, and differentiation. Its cytogenetic location is 7q15.2. In vertebrates, the genes encoding the class of transcription factors called homeobox genes are found in clusters named A, B, C, and D on four separate chromosomes. Expression of these proteins is spatially and temporally regulated during embryonic development.
Related articles:1. McAlpine PJ, Shows TB (July 1990). "Nomenclature for human homeobox genes". 2. Scott MP (November 1992). "Vertebrate homeobox gene nomenclature". 3. "Entrez Gene: HOXA4 homeobox A4".
Gene Name:HOXA4
Protein Name:Homeobox protein Hox-A4
Gene Full Name:homeobox A4
Synonyms:Dfd like protein antibody|Homeo box A4 antibody|Homeobox A4 antibody|Homeobox protein Hox-1.4 antibody|Homeobox protein Hox-1D antibody|Homeobox protein Hox-A4 antibody|Hox 1.4 like protein antibody|hox-1.4 antibody|hox-1d antibody|HOX1 antibody|HOX1D antibody|HOXA4 antibody|HXA4_HUMAN antibody
Uniprot ID:Q00056
Properties:If you buy Antibodies supplied by boster they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
French translation:anticorps