HOXA3 Lentiviral Vector (pLenti-III-TET-IRES-(dGFP))

Catalog number:LV010158
Name:HOXA3 Lentiviral Vector (pLenti-III-TET-IRES-(dGFP))
Size:1.0 µg DNA
Supplier:ABM lentivectors
DNA lentivector for transduction information:Lentiveral packaging plasmid DNA for non-viral plasmid transfection and direct use in plasmid expression. This DNA can alos be used for packaging into Lentiviral particles for high efficiency transduction and stably integrated expressions. GENTAUR suggests to use our ABM packaging mix LV003 of second generation virusses or the LV053, our 3rd Generation Packaging mixture. pLenti lentiviral plasmids DNAs are stored in 10milliMolar Tris/HCI with 1mM EDTA at a pH of 8 at -25 C. Vectors with selection markers like kanamycin, puromycin or cumate are available.