Hoxa7 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-GFP Virus

Catalog number: MV-m59680
Name: Hoxa7 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-GFP Virus
Size: 3 ml
Supplier: ABM microrna
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Notes: Designed for Research Use Only. Manufactured in Canada.
Virus: lenti
Description: Lenti kit or vector with CMV or EF promotors for producing Lentivirus (lenti-, Latin for "slow") or lentiviral particles in 293t cells. Lentiviruses are characterized by a long incubation period and often Puro selected. Lentiviruses can deliver a significant amount of viral RNA into the DNA of the host cell and have the unique ability among retroviruses of being able to infect non-dividing cells. They are one of the most efficient methods of a gene delivery vector. The are packaged in HEK 293T cells to get the highest possible lentiviral titers of 108 IFU/ml. The Luc reporter is the expression of the firefly luciferase gene. Puro stands for puromicin selection.