Catalog number: E892260
Name: 5-Ethoxy-4-methoxazole
Size: 1 g
Supplier: trca
Price: 130.00
Chemical available in other sizes: Please inquire size and price
Stock availability: Pending QC
Cas number: 5006-20-2
Chemical's molecular weight: 127.14
Chemical's main applications: 5-Ethoxy-4-methoxazole is used in the synthesis mappicine ketone, an antiviral compound.
Chemical's category: Heterocycles, Miscellaneous Reagents,
Other name: 4-Methyl-5-ethoxyoxazole;
Chemical's formula: C6H9O2
Physical properties: Clear Yellow Oil
Melting temperature: N/A
Boiling temperature: No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in: Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate
Stability conditions: No Data Available
Storage: Refrigerator