N-Acetyl Sulfamethoxazole-d4 (major)

Catalog number:A187886
Name:N-Acetyl Sulfamethoxazole-d4 (major)
Size:10 mg
Chemical available in other sizes:Please inquire size and price
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Cas number:1215530-54-3
Chemical's molecular weight:299.34
Chemical's main applications:A labelled metabolite of Sulfamethoxazole.
Chemical's category:Isotope Labelled Compounds, Metabolites & Impurities, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals,
Other name:N-[4-[[(5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl)amino]sulfonyl]phenyl]acetamide; 4’-Acetyl-3-sulfa-5-methylisoxazole; N4-Acetylsulfamethoxazole; N4-Acetylsulfisomezole; STX 606; Sulfisomezole-N4-acetate;
Chemical's formula:C12H9D4N3O4S
Physical properties:Light Orange to Light Brown Solid
Melting temperature:222-224°C
Boiling temperature:No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in:DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
Stability conditions:No Data Available
Storage:-20°C Freezer, Under Inert Atmosphere
Description:N terminal acetylation or CH3CO as epigenetic regulation of N- Sulfamethoxazole-d4 (major) by NATs.